Electroplating Plant Automation

Electroplating Plant Automation

Dunamis Engineers & Consultants automation solution

Accurate Automation and Consulting have built many of the largest and most modern automatic electroplating plants. Whether you are new to electroplating and researching installing a plating facility for the first time, or whether you are looking at upgrading your facility, call us first.

Electroplating describes the process of coating one metal with a thin coating of another by means of an electrolytic cell.

There are almost as many surface treatment process variations as there are different applications for metal parts. The reasons why metal is plated can be categorised as follows: corrosion prevention, highlighting appearance, and creating special features for the surface, such as increasing electrical conductivity, durability and surface hardness.

Manufacturing Execution Systems can be incorporated into our automated process plant lines to provide the data to enable production output to be optimised.

Wire Drawing and Enameling machines is Rugged construction, durability, user-friendliness and low maintenance are some of the quality features of our assortment.