Installation and Commissioning of Steel Plant

Installation and Commissioning of Steel Plant

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Experienced site engineers and erection crews, backed by proper erection equipment, are important factors that ensure high class site services to customers. Similar site services are also arranged from suppliers of proprietary equipment.

The sophisticated nature of major and critical equipment requires sound diagnosis, dedicated adjustments, skilled maintenance and clear instructions for sustained and satisfactory performance of plant and equipment.

The main raw material is scrap, mainly industrial, civilian and military supplies. As resource condition, pig iron, molten iron and DRI etc could be used. Plant erection at site is carried out through planning of erection sequences, adhering to agreed quality and safety requirements and establishment of necessary infrastructure.


Steel Plant Commissioning Service is widely appreciated for timely execution. Limestone supply should be available in Local
Steel scrap and pig iron should be available in local or can be imported from other countries.