Oil and Gas Automation

Oil and Gas Automation

Dunamis Engineers & Consultants automation solution

In a dynamic global industry like oil and gas, you need to manage costs, extract the most value possible from current assets and maximize up-time. Technology available today makes it possible to develop a truly connected enterprise and move closer to operational excellence.

Cloud, mobility and analytics offer an actionable view into real-time production data so you can respond to issues as soon as they arise, from anywhere in the world.

Refining industry customers target high end product quality with low emissions. The refinery processes have to be optimized with sophisticated controls and the highest safety standards. Dunamis Engineers & Consultants are widely used in refinery processes globally.

We have an ability to provide complete turnkey solutions in different domain which includes the diffrent features

Smart Drilling Instrumentation Data transfer to Drilling Rig Data Transfer

Power Management Software upgradation

Anchor Winch System upgradation

Cyber base upgradation