Steel Industry Automation

Steel Industry Automation

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The Steel industry requires superior monitoring, control, reporting, treading and alarming. Steel is an alloy of iron usually containing less than 1 % carbon. Because of its versatile properties and its recycling possibilities, steel is the basic material for sustained development in modern industrial society.

A new generation of automation systems are used in the production process which link the manufacturing process with remote control systems.

These new automation systems are equipped with remote contact or non-contact sensors and standardized interfaces, and, in some cases, eliminate totally the human interferences. This helps in eliminating the quality deficiencies in the products introduced through human errors. Automation also enables the manufacturing of the product with better precisions and close tolerances in a cost-effective manner.

We have an ability to provide complete turnkey solutions in different domain which includes

Steel plant automation also involves significant amount of hardware technologies, related to instrumentation and sensing, actuation and drives, electronics for signal conditioning, communication and display, embedded as well as stand-alone computing systems etc.
The steel automation system is generally reactive in the sense that it receives stimuli from its environment in which it is functioning and in turn produces responses that stimulate its environment. Naturally, a crucial component of the steel plant automation system is its interface to the environment.